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Doctorlaw.net is the website of The Law Offices of Alan S. Levin, MD, Esq. The firm specializes in environmental and pharmaceutical mass torts. It's forte is environmentally induced cancer and autoimmune disorders. It also takes selected medical malpractice cases. Dr. Levin testified as plaintiffs' expert witness, in many of the high profile environmental pollution cases. As a lawyer he has successfully prosecuted many pharmaceutical mass torts. We are closely associated with America's best plaintiff firms and often call upon them as co-counsel in large, complicated cases. We have a special strong point with American Combat Veterans and stand ready to sue manufacturers for defective weapons and Agent Orange exposure. We are known for our no nonsense straight talk. In other words, we go right for the jugular and take crap from no one! If you would like to know more about this firm and it's activities, please visit the rest of our website.


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